The Calm and Might of Mother Nature

There are few destinations on earth which can truly boast the full range of Mother Nature’s moods. From the might of active volcanoes, total and utter fury, to the calm and wonder of a flowing river, before heading to somewhere in the middle of the mood scale, with a thundering waterfall. Put simply Hawaii’s Big Island is where Mother Nature really lets her emotions run riot!

Vacations to Hawaii are much more accessible than ever before, thanks to falling prices, and there are many vacation rentals on Big Island which can give you a truly home from home feel to your stay.

Hawaii is not just one island, it is a series of islands which makes up the US state overall, and the largest of those islands, as the name would suggest is the Big Island, to avoid any confusion. This island is the largest because it occupies over half of the distance that Hawaii claims as a whole, and it is perhaps most famous for those huge volcanoes which are existent on its land, including the world’s most active. Yes, Mother Nature’s fury is evident wherever you look.

Despite the rather worrying idea of being close to an active volcano, it’s worth mentioning that these huge wonders of nature are monitored very closely indeed, so you are unlikely to be caught up in a surprise eruption if you do visit the area, and scientists know when an eruption is likely. For that reason, simply heed advice, and when you don’t know anything else, go and gaze in wonder at their size.

The Hawaii Volcanoes National Park is where a group of volcanoes are lumped together and for that reason, the landscape overall is somewhat lunar-like. You can visit the park with ease, however do bear in mind that this is without a doubt the most popular activity on the entire island, so you can expect queues and crowds – get there as early as possible to grab the best view you can.

Whilst many of the volcanoes in the area are dormant (such as the huge Mauna Kea), or extinct, there are three which are considered active – these are Huaalai, Mauna Loa, and Kilauea. Occasionally you will see signs of life, e.g. a little steam or heat from the ground, and this is truly a sight to behold, for sure.

Now, before you go thinking that the Big island is nothing more than a bunch of volcanoes, wait a minute! There is plenty to see and do on this island, however most of it is certainly nature based. From rainforests to waterfalls, beaches to mountains, the Big island literally has every type of landscape you can imagine, apart from a desert, and that means plenty of variation during your stay. Hawaii is obviously famous for its waves, and whilst Waikiki Beach (not on this island) is the most famous beach of them all, the Big Island has many areas which are ideal for learners, because the waves are not so high or powerful. Head to Kona, in the western portion of the island to find the best conditions for learners – who knows, by the time you leave you might be a seasoned surfer! There are many surf schools for you to learn at, and be sure to pick wisely, and not to venture off on your own steam – the waves might be less here, but they are still dangerous for those who don’t know what they are doing.

Kona is also a great place to head for dolphin spotting, and many trips head out during the day to visit the underwater residents of the ocean. You might see one, you might not, but whether you do or you don’t, the day out is certainly one of relaxation and beautiful views! Kona’s beaches overall are very picturesque, as you would expect, and because this part of the island is on the Leeward coast, it receives much less in the way of rain throughout the year, as opposed to the eastern side, which is on the Windward coast, and is therefore a little more likely to experience some precipitation.

The east side of the island is however fantastic for those who like to walk and explore, because the temperatures are a little lower. Here you will see many beautiful waterfalls and rainforests to trek trough, and is a great spot for nature travellers.

It’s not all about nature however, because golfers will be in their element at one of the many top class courses seen in Kohala!

Do remember that Hawaii overall, no matter which island you visit, is part of the USA, so you will need a visa to visit. Head online and check your particular requirements in terms of your country of origin – this could mean applying for an online visa (ESTA), or it could mean applying for a more formal type of visa. Leave yourself plenty of time to ensure the process is complete before your date of travel, to avoid disappointment.

For a true break from the norm, and to check out Mother Nature ad her full range of emotions, the Big Island is certainly the place to be. Whether she is on a good mood, a stormy one, or somewhere in-between, this island really does show you the wonder of nature, and everything it gifts us on a daily basis. Prepare to have your eyes opened!