The Wonder of Indonesia

If you’re looking for a country which basically ticks every box you could possibly want, then you simply have to look in the direction of Indonesia.

The world’s largest archipelago encompasses almost every single type of landscape you could imagine, including dense and fascinating jungles, paradise beaches which wouldn’t be out of place in a Castaway film, as well as bustling cities, and mile upon mile of underwater world to explore too.

Indonesia is made up of over 18,000 islands, and whilst many of them are uninhabited, this makes it the largest country in the South East Asian region by far. Of course, you need to do some research into which part you want to head to, because of the sheer size of the place, and there are some well-trodden backpacking routes you could follow, if you want to see the main sights in one easy to manage trip.

Indonesia sits on either side of the equator, which means the climate is certainly hot, although it can also be wet and humid at the same time. The warm and clear waters of the Indian and Pacific Oceans lap the shores of the country, and Australia, Malaysia, Thailand, and India are its neighbours, amongst many others besides.

Choosing your accommodation carefully is certainly the way forward, to ensure a comfortable stay, especially if you are travelling around some of the more remote or off the beaten track destinations within the country. Of course, if you are travelling to Jakarta, the country’s capital, or Bogor, then you will be more than spoilt for choice. The Hotel Santika Bogor is one of those popular options, but generally speaking, you can do a simple online hotels booking search for most large hotels nationwide, which cuts out the stress, and allows you to shop around for deals.

Bogor is certainly one of the must visit places in the whole country, full of scenic and peaceful gardens to explore. Certainly check out the Botanical Garden, which was founded way back in 1811, or the Presidential Palace, which is far-reaching and stunning in scenery, with around 250 deer which call the grounds home! Bogor is also home to a famous retreat – Anand Ashram’s One Earth Retreat Center, which is a one-stop shop for anyone who wants to be at one with themselves, and practice stress management or self development.

Bali is certainly one of the most famous and most popular parts of Indonesia to visit, whether for a backpacking trips, a holiday in heaven, or even a honeymoon, and those iconic bungalows over the crystal clear water are situated here. The diving opportunities here are also second to none, and this is the ideal destination for kicking back and relaxing in heavenly surroundings.

If however you would prefer a little adventure, Sumatra or Kalimantan are for you. Sumatra is the sixth largest island on the planet and is a great choice for wildlife lovers, as many endangered species of animal live here. Of course, Kalimantan is a well-known destination, but perhaps better known as Borneo. The jungle here is dense, thick, and packed with some of the weirdest and most wonderful wildlife and plant species anywhere on the planet. You’ll also find the orangutan’s native home here, so this is simply the place to go for an adventure.

We can’t miss out the huge cities which are also found in Indonesia, and Jakarta is certainly the most popular, being the country’s capital. You will find Jakarta on the island of Java, and if you love shopping, this destination is a must for you! Bogor, which we must mention again, is also up there with the list of Java’s top destinations, and despite the fact that it is known as being a rather rainy city, compared to some other destinations, this can be a major plus point when you want to cool down in the sometimes intense heat!

Put simply, Indonesia is so sprawling and so large that you won’t fail to find a destination which calls out to your inner adventurer, however if rest and relaxation is your need, well, you have Bali to tick every box you could possibly need.