All The Drama of Broadway

Lights, camera, action!

Broadway is an experience that you simply have to have when you visit the Big Apple. Up there with checking out Macys and Bloomingdales, visiting Lady Liberty, and enjoying the view from the Empire State Building, Broadway is one of the most iconic NYC experiences you can have – if you miss it, you miss out in a big, big way!

No matter how you’re visiting, be it a solo deal, as a couple, a group of friends, or a family, there are countless shows on offer, and something for every interest! Kids will love Wicked or The Lion King, couples will love the drama of Phantom of the Opera, and groups of friends can laugh along to Kinky Boots!

Finding official tickets for your Broadway show of choice is the first thing you should have on your mind after you decide that you’re going to experience the joy of the theatre. Now, there will be people hanging around outside the various Theater District establishments, and they will be offering tickets for a cut price. Do not fall foul! There is a reason these tickets are much less than you are seeing them on sale for online or in the theatre itself – they are fake!

The only ways to find official tickets are to either go to the theatre Box Office itself, or to check online beforehand on reputable sites, such as Broadway Show Tickets. This ensures that you are not only going to be allowed into the theatre to watch a fantastic show, but you’re also going to get the best price there is, without fake prices coming into the equation.

There are many hotel which are centred specifically around the Theater District, so if you’re keen to check out more than one show, perhaps this particular area would be best to base yourself in? There are also many restaurants around this area too, so you can easily make an evening of it, or even an afternoon if you’re opting for a matinee performance of your favourite show!

Broadway is certainly an experience not to be missed and even if you’ve never been to see a show anywhere in your life before, and you’re not too sure if you’ll ‘get it’, this is something you should do. From your first show, you will be hooked on the drama, the entertainment, and the overall set.

Broadway is a must do!